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Big Adventure's

Revised Goals For 2017


2018 Goals to Better Bensenville

coming soon!



2017 Goals to Better Bensenville

The list is getting smaller

Get rid of the Old Elected Village Board Members

Got Rid of 3 Old Trustee's  5-9-2017 Done

Get rid of the old Elected Park District Board Members 

1 voted resigned  5-25-17  Done

1 voted out of office  4-19-17  Done

Get rid of the District 2 School Administrator and Assistants

Get rid of the Attorney's

Village  Done

Park District

Get rid of the Current Police Chief

 Chief Spanky

The above positions have dragged this community into the depths of hell and

are holding back the future of Bensenville.



2016 Goals to Better Bensenville:

Get rid of the Current Mayor and any Old Board Members

1- caught stealing  - 1/2016 Done

1- Village President resigns -  12/2016 Done

Get rid of the Current Park District President and any Old Board Members

1- voted out of President seat  - 3/2016 Done

Get rid of the District 2 School Administrator and Assistants - open

Get rid of the Village and Park District Attorney's - Done

Get rid of the Current Police Chief - open

Get park built on old Mohawk site  - Done

The above positions have dragged this community into the depths of hell and

are holding back the future of Bensenville.


2015 Goals to Better Bensenville:

Get Rid of the Village Manager  - Done

Get 3 new Board Members on the Village Board - Done

Shut Down the Bensenville Soap Box - Done

Get 3 Newly Elected Board Members on the Park Board - Done

Get the Mohawk School Site torn down and grass planted - Done

Get a New Village and Park District Attorneys - Open

Get a New District 2 Administrator and Assistant - Open


Welcome to Bensenville's Big Adventures, we would like to welcome you to the blog/forum website. 

 This forum/blog website is to vent your opinions and frustrations.  Whether your thoughts are real, in your mind or you think they are facts, they are your opinions. The forum is about the town, politics and the people running it, it's just opinions, nothing more. If you don't like what is written, then run for office and make a change.

It's 2016 and our elected officials are still out of controlling and hiding information and events that are destroying the future Bensenville.  These current elected officials are doing things that benefit their own personal needs and not those of the community. Mayhem and destruction is running rapid though our village, which includes, village hall, the police department, the park district, the library and the schools.

Bensenville was founded in 1873 and in 2009, our debt was about $40 million, partially from fighting the O'Hare expansions.  Within 6 years, with this current administration, we are now approximately $130 million,in debt, that's 3 time the 2009 debt. Currently we have not been able to stop the madness do to the corrupted elected politicians, but we the people, have put put the brakes on things to slow it down. 

With the O'Hare noise getting louder and new runways out of control, to the rising cost from a projected $22 million dollar over priced police station,  that wasn't needed, to the hiring of outside attorney, lobbyists and financial groups, our chances of surviving are not good with the remaining current board members.   Currently we have run the past village manager out of town in 2015 and will do so with the current part time village manager.

Our goals are to inform residents of the current and past activities that have or will change Bensenville's future.  The stories are true and the information accurate as we can be, considering we can't get a straight answer  from any of the administrators or elected official.

Elected officials are subjected to scrutiny just like any other politician in the United States of America.  They open up their personal lives when they run for office, so don't cry foul when you read the background information of their personal shady pasts.

Many residents have come to conclusion, this is a much needed site and may not be for everyone. If your offended in anyway, stay off the site. If your under the age of 18, get off the site,  we don't want you looking into the bad things your  parents doing.

We are looking for transparency  and an open outlook on the  transaction of our town.

 Thanks for all your past and future support!

Contact us by the email below.  If you have any comments, information or complaints, please let us know and we will look into as soon as possible.   This site is not monitored every day, so please be patient for a response?


Contact Community Activist

Mark Keane - 630-330-9265



Feel free to send information and photo's.