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Park District Commissioner Resigns

Last night Tom Early resigns from the park district board for unknown reasons and this opens up a spot on  the board.   If your interested in applying feel free to address the board or the administration.



Library Swearing In

May 15, 2017

                                                                      Kathy Quinn          Tina Lux

New board members get sworn in at the Library on May 15, 2017



May 9, 2017

New Mayor and Board Members

The village hall was packed and people lined up out the door.

Good Luck to Bensenville's Future!



Letting Go At District 2

Nancy Quinn

Saying good bye at School District 2

Here is a "Thank You" cake for Nancy Quinn at District 2

Nancy is moving up to better things, Village Hall.



School Board  Changing of the Guard

April 24, 2017 School Board Meeting

Oronzo Peconio

Fenton 100 School Board President

I attended this board meeting and it became a little bit of a battle for board president.  We had the changing of board members and that meant that board positions need to be appointed.  The battle for president and vice president went back and forth.  In the first round Wassinger was nominated president along with Oronzo Peconio, the newly elected board member.  The vote went down in favor of the up and new comer in the school district, Oronzo Peconio.

Oronzo Peconio is not really a new comer when it comes to being on boards.  Oronzo has a long history and has been an village advocate for many years.  We are hoping for his great success with his leadership and we hope he brings back a positive  future for Fenton high school to the village of Bensenville.